Illness Edit Edit

Allergies Edit Edit

Ferg is allergic to Lily pads and he isn't allergic to one of those when he was a frog and when Lavender sparkles up a fix for this he is allergic to style too. It happened in Prince Not So Charming.

Uggles Edit Edit

Lavender mentioned that in A Charming Outfit.

Sing Song Pox Edit Edit

Hazel's dad caught the sing song pox when he ran into a flock of nightingales and then Hazel caught the sing song pox and so did her friends and so did hazel's mom and so did the gnomes and the happened in Sing Song Pox. Sing song pox are a decease that breaks out rainbow polka dots and you can't talk you will sing everything. Not while you trying to sleep. And there is a saying "If a songbird sings to you by surprise," as it looks right into your gazing eyes,"you'll catch his little birdy song and sing your heart out all day long. the only way to get rid of sing song pox is wearing earmuffs and sunglasses to protection and drinking birdseed tea to cure you.

Honks Edit Edit

Hazel's mom gets a case of the honks and she sometimes sneezes out sparkles.they were spread on hazel's dad and spread everywhere.and then her drink has turn into a frog. It happened in Band on the Run.