The Charm House is a special hang out clubhouse the Little Charmers go to. It is built in the forest behind Hazel's home.

Seen in 


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A Charming Outfit

Charming Trio

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Double Trouble Spell

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Calling All Cauldrons

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Zip Zoom Broom

Sheep Over Party


Charming Cheers

Bean There, Done That

Charmville Unchained

My Charmhouse is Your Charmhouse

Frog For a Day

Charm Your Mom Day

A Charming Wedding

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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A Tooth on the Loose

Spooky Pumpkin Moon Night

Hurry Up Hazel

No Charm in the House

Charming Nightlights

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Unicorn Without a Horn

All Stirred up

A Charming Mistake

A Charming Surprise Birthday

Wandering Wand

Good Knight, Good Day

Band on the Run

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Nelson In Charge

Glass Slipper

Hazel, You Shrunk the Charmers

Santa Sparkle


A Charming Story

Posie's Pesky Potion

Sparklestorm Adventure

Bigger, Better, Broomier!

Night Owls

A Charmazing Race

Dragon Daycare

A Charmazing Mermaid Tale

Sparkleberry Pies

Wishing Fish  

Uses Edit Edit

The girls will usually go to visit the Charm House to cook up magical potions, brainstorm and problem solve, plan their next adventures, or just hang out. They keep have a cauldron to make potions, and also use it as a spot to practice or train their magic. The Charm House is also a great place for Charmer sleepovers, tea parties, and other celebratory events.

Layout Edit Edit

Outside Edit Edit

The Charm House rests on a big tree surrounded by big various colored cobble stones and small colorful bushes. A magical rainbow staircase appears that leads from the cobblestone steps up to the entrance of the Charm House. The house is magenta, with purple, blue, and turquoise accents. 

Inside Edit Edit

The inside is a bit more toned down, in that the walls are plain wood while the floor is fuchsia. Tree branches poke through areas of the room. In the main room, there are three chairs around a purple cauldron in the center of the room, one chair for each Charmer. There are bookshelves with books against the wall, along with a message board for putting up pictures and notes. There is a purple fireplace/chimney, and various other magical items scattered around.

Aside from the main room, each Little Charmer has her own special themed room in the Charm House. Hazel's Charm room is above the shared "common" room, and Posie and Lavender's are to the right and left. Only Hazel's charm room has been featured in the episodes so far, when the girls have a sleepover in her charm room with a big kitty chair.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • The Charm House is coined from two phrases: Treehouse, a home built in the trees where kids often hang out, along with Club House, which is effectively the same thing, but on the ground.

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