(Theme Song)

Little Charmers are so sweet, got magic powers that can't be beat.

Always in the mood to cast a spell, never really know if it will go well.  

Little Charmers oh so strong, trying so hard to do no wrong. 

Little Charmers sing along!

Go Lavender!

Go Posie!

Go Hazel!

sparkle up and wave your wand, always be ready for what's beyond.

Little Charmers sing along!

Everyday is looking up cause, best friends never let you down. 

Our magic may not always be perfect, but when we're having fun it's all worth it!  

Little Charmers! (giggle)

Title: "Adventures of the Little Charmers"

(Hazel and Seven comes in as Hazel waves her wand and makes the episode entitled "Salem in Charge!")

Hazel Narrating: "Salem in Charge!"

Seven: Meow.

(The episode starts at Hazel's house. Yesterday; Seven, Treble, Flare and the Bat have been best friends forever since they first met. So we see them in Hazel's room where Seven, Treble and Flare show Bat around the place)

Seven: Meow meow meow meow meow.

Treble: Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

Flare: Gee yah ha ha ha ha.

Bat: Eeek eeek eek eek eek.

Seven: Mreoooooow.

Treble: Wooo.

Flare: Ha-ho-ha-hee.

Bat: Eek eek. (Then one day, Salem; Sabrina's black cat arrived in Hazel's room hearing what the pets are translating about)

Salem: Ugh... What's with all of these pet translations about? Can't a little fellow like me get some cat nap all of a sudden?

Seven: Meow, meo, meo, meo, meow!

Treble: Woo.

Flare: Keee-yaah!

Bat: Eeeeeeeek!

Salem: I guess not. Hey, where are these Little Charmers? They put one of you in charge of this adventure by yourselves didn't they?

Seven: Maaaoooow.

Treble: Woo woo.

Flare: Uh-uh.

Bat: Eeeeeeek.

Salem: No worries. I'll be in charge of you till they get back. Who knows how long Enchantra payed me the price for Sabrina to watch over me?

Seven: Meow!

Treble: Wooooo. Woo woo woo.

Flare: Oh yee-ha ho!

Bat: Eeek Eeek!

Salem: Splendid! Can you show me the Charmhouse please?

Seven: Meow!

Seven, Treble and Flare: (Making such pet noises by translating) ["To the Charmhouse!"] (The paw zooms in and out as we cut to the Charmhouse without the song but from the inside as Seven, Treble, Flare and Bat showed Salem how it is done by showing Cauldron to pour in some special potions)

Salem: I'd say... How do you manage to pick this Charmhouse? So magical and yet so cheerful.

Seven: Mo mo mreow!

Treble: Hoo Hoo.

Flare: Gaah yaah kaah la.

Bat: Eek. Eek. Eek. Eek. Eek. (They started to make a potion out of a cauldron. Adding Higher and higher to the sky powder, Daddy's long spider legs and giant's hair to make a Taller Potion)

Salem: Say? Whatcha making?

Seven: Meow meow meow meow.

Treble: Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo.

Flare: Oh ya ha uh la ma da.

Bat: Eeeeek.

Salem: Taller Potion. Make yourselves bigger and taller than anyone? Not even a giant. I dunno if anyone would find out about this. It'll cost a lot of trouble. Even you pets. (But then a little Butterfly flew in and landed inside a cauldron made out of bubbly potion which is the Taller Potion and got a bit wet even it's wings. And then it happened the Butterfly grew a lot taller by 50% bigger than any other insect)

Giant Butterfly: [Squeak!]

Seven: Mreooow!

Treble: Wooooo.

Flare: Ahh.

Bat: Eeeeek.

Salem: Well the good news is that you pets didn't grew big but the butterfly did. The bad news is somebody will see it by causing a lot of trouble flapping its wings will cause a powerful wind storm.

Bat: Eek eek! (Flew toward the door and opened it letting the Giant Butterfly out of the Charmhouse then closes back shut)

Flare: Phew.

Treble: Wooo.

Seven: Meoooooow.

Salem: If the Charmers find out you grew the Butterfly, who knows what will happened to Charmville? Pets, we have got to catch the Giant Butterfly.

Seven, Treble and Flare: (Pet Noises for Translation) ["Broomies!"] (The Broomies came to them as they got onto the edge of the Broomies and flew off with them as the Bat flew with her bat wings to catch up to Seven, Treble and Flare and Salem even catches up to them on foot)

Salem: Wait for me, pets. I'm on your tail. (We cut to the place called Charmville as the Giant Butterfly flew all the way there causing lots of wind by flapping it's wings blowing the citizens away as they all hang onto something even each other)

Citizens of Charmville: (Hold onto something and each other)

Seven, Treble and Flare: (Arrived)

Seven: Meow.

Treble: Hoo.

Flare: Gah-ha!

Giant Butterfly: [Squeaks]

Gary: Hey look! It's Seven, Treble and Flare! Those Little Charming Pets.

Nelson: But where are those Charmers of theirs?

Seven: Mreooooow. Meow meow meow.

Treble: Hoo Hoo!

Flare: Ai-gee-ha-ha-ma-ho-ho!

Seven: (Puts on his Magician Hat and Cape) Meow.

Treble: Wooooo.

Flare: Key-yah!

Giant Butterfly: [Squeaks]

Salem: (Panting and caught up and so does the Bat) Never fear. Help is here!

Bat: Eeek.

Seven: Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow! ["Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to be amazed and preform a real magic trick preformed by a pet. Me!"]

Giant Butterfly: [Squeaks two times]

Seven: Meow meow... Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. ["But first... I'll need help from an Enchantress".]

Mrs. Charming: (Arrived riding on her broom) Here I am. Ready to solve this problem.

Seven: Meow.

Mrs. Charming: So this must be the Butterfly who grew 50 feet tall. I wonder who made this Tall Potion.

Treble and Flare: (Makes such pet noises by translating) ["We made it!"]

Seven: Meow meow meow meow meow!

Mrs. Charming: Okay. Take my wand and use it wisely like you did back in the Charming Tea and Pet Show. All right, Seven?

Seven: Maaaoooow. (Took the wand right from Mrs. Charming hands and into his paws unless he has thumbs) Mo Mo Mreooooow!

Salem: Oh boy. This cat's got magic skills as a magician. Better than witchery. Better not tell Sabrina I said that.

Treble: Hoo. Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

Flare: Ga-ah-ha. Wa-key-cha.

Bat: Eeek eeek eek.

Mrs. Charming: Time to say your spell. Now meow your magic words that Hazel has taught you.

Seven: Meow meow. (He hold his wand in two paws as he is about to do some magic) Meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow-a-kazoo!! (Waves the Enchantress' wand and zaps the Giant Butterfly shrinking it back to it's normal small size)

Butterfly: (Squeak, squeak squeak squeak squeak)

Seven: Ma Meow! ["Ta-da!"]

All Citizens of Charmville: (Cheered for Seven the Magician)

Treble: Hoo Hoo Hoo!!

Flare: Yaaaaaaaaay!! Woo-hoo!!

Mrs. Charming: Amazing magic. Who knew cats can do some magic?

Bat: Eeek eek eek eek eek.

Salem: Way a go, Seven!

Butterfly: (Flies off)

Mr. Charming: (Returned along with Lavender, Posie and Hazel from camp) Honey! We saw everything coming from Charmville. The Charm Scouts and I knew to return to see what is happening.

Seven: Meoooooooow!!

Treble: Wooooooooo!!

Flare: Pa-Ma-Ya-Ha-Gee-Yay!!

Hazel: Seven! (Seven jumps into Hazel's arms) That's my amazing kitty cat. You know magic!

Posie: Oh, Treble! I'm so glad you're not hurt.

Treble: Woo.

Lavender: Flare! I was so worried!

Flare: Oh-Key-key-key-key. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Salem: I knew it had to be done while being in charge of yours truly here.

Hazel: Seven, thank you so much for being in charge of Posie and Lavender's pets. I knew I can count on you.

Seven: Purrrrrr.

Mrs. Charming: So anything new to the Charm Scouts?

Mr. Charming: Let's just say, honey... That Hazel and her best friends have got their befriending the creatures badge.

Bat: Eeeeeeeeek.

Lavender: Hey. I know this bat. That's the one Flare used to be best friends with... Before it was her upside down birthday.

Bat: Eek.

Posie: That is so beautiful!

Hazel: Oh that's right. We'll just have to make new spells that we have to come up with. Come on, Charmers we've got new spells to make.

Posie and Lavender: Yeah!

Seven, Treble and Flare: (Making such pet noises happily)

Salem: And here we go. (Now we end the episode by fading to black)


(End Credits)


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