(The episode begins in the place called Charmville. One find morning in a place not to far away, a Sparkle Bunny was out there hiding his eggs around Charmville for every Charmviller to find.)

Sparkle Bunny: (Humming while hiding the eggs from his basket) Uh, Good Morning.

Butterfly: (Squeaks by surprise)

Sparkle Bunny: What is it? (He looks in the basket and saw that the eggs are missing and gasps) My eggs!! They've been vanished!! Help!! Help!! Someone!! Anyone!! Easter emergency!! (The Fairies, Frogs and The Genomes came to see what is going on)

Gary: What's happening?

Nelson: Yeah what's all the hubba?

Frogs: (Croak)

Sparkle Bunny: My eggs are missing and I need somebody's help! Does anybody here know how to find my Sparkle Bunny Eggs?

Pistachio: Meow.

Sparkle Bunny: Hmm? Anyone at all?

Prince Ferg: (Croaking)

Sparkle Bunny: Prince Ferg might be onto something. There must be some other charming way to get my eggs back and there's only one trio where to get my eggs back. Charmers! Little Charmers! I wonder what they are up to. (Now we go to the theme song)

(Theme Song)

Little Charmers are so sweet, got magic powers that can't be beat.

Always in the mood to cast a spell, never really know if it will go well.  

Little Charmers oh so strong, trying so hard to do no wrong. 

Little Charmers sing along!

Go Lavender!

Go Posie!

Go Hazel!

sparkle up and wave your wand, always be ready for what's beyond.

Little Charmers sing along!

Everyday is looking up cause, best friends never let you down. 

Our magic may not always be perfect, but when we're having fun it's all worth it!  

Little Charmers! (giggle)

Title: "Adventures of the Little Charmers"

(Hazel and Seven comes in as Hazel waves her wand and makes the episode entitled "Charming Bunnies")

Hazel Narrating: Charming Bunnies.

Seven: Meow.

(Fade to where it all began in Hazel's house. Three Little Charmers; Hazel, Posie and Lavender and their pets; Seven, Treble and Flare are having a well beloved Easter Day Breakfast with Mrs. Charming)

Hazel: So what are we having for breakfast, Mom?

Mrs. Charming: We have eggs, pancakes and waffles. Every Easter Day is on the menu. (Waves her magic wand and poofs up the breakfast that she'd notice on the table)

Seven, Treble and Flare: (Making such pet noises)

Posie: Those eggs, waffles and pancakes are so charm a licious.

Lavender: Gee, Mrs. Charming. I gotta say. That's some breakfast in the morning.

Hazel: Even our pets thinks so too.

Seven: Meow.

Treble: Woo!

Flare: (Chattering)

Posie: So... what problem solving do you have today?

Mrs. Charming: Well girls, there is one I should take care of. It's Sparkle Bunny. He said that is eggs have vanished all over Charmville.

Hazel: The eggs?

Lavender: Easter Eggs to be exact.

Hazel: Snapdragons! Sparkle Bunny must be so worried. We need to go outside to see what is going on?

Posie: That's right.

Lavender: Let's brew it over! (The Charmers and their pets headed toward outside to see what is going on and saw what has happened to Sparkle Bunny's eggs that are empty from his basket and everyone in Charmville even the ogres saw that it happened) Goblins and Toads!

Posie: What happened?

Hazel: Where are all the Easter Eggs?

Sparkle Bunny: I'm so glad you girls are here. The Easter Eggs that I am carrying are all gone. I dunno why they all just disappear all of a sudden.

Seven: (Sniffs out with his nose and saw feathers on the ground) Mreooow?

Hazel: What is it, Seven?

Seven: Maaaooooow!

Hazel: Feathers?

Treble: Hoo?

Posie: Now how did those get here?

Flare: Oy key hee yah ma.

Lavender: Why would feathers be in the basket?

Sparkle Bunny: I'm not so sure how those got in there.

Hazel: Me nether.

Mrs. Charming: (Came outside) Perhaps it is time to do some Enchantress training together for you girls. We're gonna need a few potions of these ingredients. (Waves her magic wand for new potions) First, you need the pinch bottle of berets and a pinch of bunny slippers.

Hazel: Mom? Are those the ingredients for the bunny hairdo potion?

Mrs. Charming: It is. And it's missing a secret ingredient.

Posie: Ooh a secret ingredient. Please tell us.

Lavender: We won't tell anyone.

Mrs. Charming: Okay. The secret ingredient to these two potions are... (Whispers) "vegetables".

Hazel: All right, mom. We won't tell anyone the secret ingredient to this potion. These will come in handy to make a special potion. Extra secret.

Sparkle Bunny: Whatever these will do, please recover my Easter Eggs from these egg snatchers.

Posie: We promise, Sparkle Bunny.

Lavender: Yeah. We get the eggs back.

Hazel: To the Charmhouse!

Song: "To The Charm House"

Come along, and fly with us

a-up to the Charmhouse everyone

Come on!

It's where, the fun never ends

It's all about the magic of best friends!

Charmers: To the charm house!

(We now fade to the inside of the Charmhouse as they gather up the potions to the ingredients)

Hazel: Okay. Looks like we got every single ingredients to these secret ingredients.

Posie: I'm not so sure about this secret ingredient business.

Lavender: (Checks the Spellipedia mirror phone) Well according to Spellipedia, All's we have to do is mix up two ingredients then combine it with the secret ingredient.

Seven: Meow meow.

Treble: Hoo.

Flare: Oh yah oh!

Hazel: Let's mix these potions. A pinch bottle of berets. (Pours that bottle into the cauldron)

Posie: Add some bunny slippers. (Puts it in the cauldron)

Lavender: And finally the secret ingredient "vegetables".

Hazel: Stir them carefully and... (Stirs the potions together as it was all ready and all bubbly inside the cauldron) Okay. There. It's finally ready.

Lavender: (Dips her potion wand by filling it up from the cauldron) I sure hope this works.

Hazel: Sparkle up, Charmers! (The Charmers Sparkle up) We wave our wands!

Posie: We play our wands!

Lavender: We pour our special potions!

Hazel, Posie and Lavender: We sparkle up and cast the spell in a single charming motion!! Sparkle up, Charmers!! (Then Hazel, Posie and Lavender says their spell)

Hazel: Glittery,

Posie: Fluttery,

Lavender: Sillies and funnies,

Hazel, Posie and Lavender: Change them all into cute little bunnies! (They waved their magic wands as they tapped them all together with a lot of magic and sparkle as they've been magically transformed into cute little bunnies)

Seven: Meow?

Treble: Hoo?

Flare: Ha ho ha hee? (The three charmers are now charming bunnies. They twitched their noses and wiggle their bunny tails and flop their bunny ears)

Bunny Hazel: Uhh... Do I look like a bunny?

Bunny Posie: I afraid so.

Bunny Lavender: How very fluffy we are.

Bunny Hazel: Snapdragons. (Hops toward the Spellipedia mirror phone and saw two ingredients plus the secret ingredient to vegetables equals turning into bunny rabbits) Bunny Rabbits.

Bunny Lavender: That would explain the urge to twitch my nose.

Bunny Posie: And wiggle my bunny tail.

Bunny Hazel: I knew this would happen. Mom got the wrong ingredient.

Bunny Lavender: So... what should we all do besides twitch our noses, flop our ears and whatever else bunnies do?

Bunny Posie: Or wiggle our bunny tails?

Bunny Hazel: We made a promise to Sparkle Bunny to find the Easter Eggs not transform into bunnies like him.

Seven: Meoooow! (Sniffs Bunny Hazel with his nose)

Bunny Hazel: Oh no.

Seven: Purr. (Snuggles Bunny Hazel)

Bunny Hazel: Good kitty, Seven. (Pets Seven in the head) He knows it's me.

Flare: Ge yah ha ha!

Treble: Hoot-hoot!

Bunny Posie: Our pets loved us as bunnies too.

Bunny Hazel: Well these little bunnies is going to find and track down those Easter Eggs.

Bunny Lavender: What do we say we hop to it?

Bunny Posie: Let's go! (So the three charming bunnies along with their pets gone outside toward Charmville to find and spot those disappearing Easter Eggs anywhere around here. And there they stood the chicks footprints all the way toward Ogre Valley) Hey, look at this!

Bunny Hazel: Chicken tracks. And they lead all the way to Ogre Valley.

Bunny Lavender: Yep. That must be the trail all right.

Bunny Hazel: Where could those chicks be? They must be snatching off with the Easter eggs somewhere.

Seven: Meo-meo-meow! (He pointed to the track to where the chicks tracks are leading to)

Bunny Hazel: What is it, Seven?

Seven: Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!

Bunny Posie: I'm not sure I understand that.

Bunny Hazel: Oh. Seven said that they're headed all the way toward the Mount-Sparkle-More.

Treble: Hoo!

Flare: (Chattering)

Bunny Lavender: What are we waiting for? Let's go!

Bunny Posie: Let's hop to it! (And the three charming bunnies along with their pets followed the chicks trail all the way toward Mount-Sparkle-More where the fairies live as Hazel's wand zooms in and out by spinning around by cutting to that place)

Pepper Fairy: Yes. I have seen these tracks before. These Baby Chicks you are looking for are headed back to Charmville to get more Easter eggs.

Bunny Hazel: Back to Charmville. We should go down there.

Bunny Posie: Who knows what will lead us to them?

Bunny Lavender: Thanks for the help, Pepper!

Seven, Treble and Flare: (Making a lot of pet noises)

Bunny Hazel: Let's hop to it! (And down they go all the way back to Charmville)

Pepper Fairy: Hmmm... Why did I have a strange feeling that they all of a sudden turn themselves into bunnies? (The flower zooms in and out by a spin as we cut back to Charmville as Bunny Hazel, Bunny Posie and Bunny Lavender have found the basket filled with Easter eggs)

Bunny Hazel: Look! We found the Basket filled with Easter Eggs!

Bunny Lavender: But why was it here all along?

Bunny Posie: Take a good guess. (And along came the two baby chicks called Chirp and Cheep)

Chirp: Chirp.

Cheep: Cheep.

Chirp: Chirp.

Cheep: Cheep.

Seven: Meow!!

Treble: Woo!!

Flare: Gi-yaaaaaaaaah!!

Bunny Hazel: What are they?

Bunny Posie: Baby Chicks. I am an expert on birds you know.

Bunny Lavender: Kinda small for chicks.

Chirp: Chirp.

Cheep: Cheep.

Bunny Posie: It looks like they're trying to say hello.

Seven: Meow.

Treble: Hoo hoo.

Flare: Key-ha-ha-ma-pa.

Chirp: Chirp.

Cheep: Cheep. (Seven, Treble and Flare hold out their paws, wings and claws to Chirp and Cheep but before they started to put their paws, wings and claws together, Sparkle Bunny appeared)

Sparkle Bunny: My Easter Eggs! They have returned to me. But how?

Chirp: Chirp.

Cheep: Cheep.

Sparkle Bunny: (Saw Chirp and Cheep) Baby Chicks. Who knew they cause trouble on a wild goose chase?

Bunny Hazel: Um... They're names are Chirp and Cheep.

Bunny Posie: They came all the way far off a place called Big Swirl Island.

Bunny Lavender: Posie knows all the birds in Charmville.

Seven: Mreow!

Sparkle Bunny: Chirp and Cheep huh?

Chirp: Chirp.

Cheep: Cheep.

Treble: Hoot-hoot!

Flare: (Chattering)

Sparkle Bunny: Anyways. Thanks for returning the Easter Eggs back to me. Now... I could hid away the eggs again.

Bunny Hazel: It's the bunny way.

Sparkle Bunny: (Giggles as he hops to get back to his job hiding away the eggs that are filled in his basket)

Bunny Posie: We did it again, Hazel!

Bunny Lavender: We saved Easter Day.

Bunny Hazel: Hi Paw! (She, Bunny Posie and Bunny Lavender high paw with their paws) Flop our ears! (They do so) And wiggle your cotton tails! (They do so) Oh and just in time! Time to change back! (And the three charming bunnies change back into their Charmer selves)

Hazel, Posie and Lavender: (Giggles)

Seven, Treble and Flare: (Making a lot of pet noises happily as they catch up to the charmers)

Chirp: Chirp.

Cheep: Cheep. (Hazel's wand zooms in and out by a spin as we cut to Mrs. Charming for the speech of Easter Day to everyone in Charmville)

Mrs. Charming: Happy Easter Day everybody! And thanks to Hazel and the Charmers, the Easter Eggs are back and ready to be found. With some chocolate candy inside. (Everybody in Charmville cheered as they finally on a hunt for some Easter eggs even Seven, Treble and Flare)

Seven: Meeeooooow!

Treble: Hoot-hoot!

Flare: Gi-yaaaaaaaah! (Even Salem who loves chocolate candy inside the eggs)

Salem: MMMM... Chocolate! I love a good chocolate egg. Yummy. (And everybody in Charmville cheered for the Easter eggs in their hands and paws and wings and claws)




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