Flare is a character in Little Charmers. She belongs to Lavender. She is voiced by Andrew Sabiston.

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Appearance Edit Edit

Flare is a small indigo dragon with very pale lilac on her stomach, scales, wings, inner-ear, and head. She has a pair of dark blue and periwinkle striped horns and dark blue eyes. She wears a small peach sequin bow on the side of her head.

Personality Edit Edit

Flare may look pretty and sparkly, but she is a big time jokester who finds it hard to take things seriously. She loves to laugh and just have a good time, but usually forgets that she can breath fire; often causing mishaps by sheer incident.

Magical Abilities Edit Edit

Like any other Dragon, Flare can breath fire. However she is not very good at it yet, as it is still new to her.

Trivia Edit Edit

  • Flare's name may be inspired from two things:
    1. the word to describe a sudden, brief brightness burst of a flame or light.
    2. A word to describe a style clothing; fitting with Lavender's fashion abilities.
  • Beyond being a fire-breathing dragon Flare is also a "smoke-coughing" and "fire-sneezing" dragon, meaning she emits fire every time she sneezes, sometimes accidentally burning things.
  • Flare's birthday occured in the episode "Upside Down Friends".

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