Gary is a gnome who first appears in "A Charming Outfit", when he is stuck in the mud. Hazel helped him out and he rewarded her with a pretty gemstone he found earlier.

He is voiced by Cory Doran.

History Edit Edit

Cluck Stars Edit Edit

Gary competed in a talent show being held in Charmville. 

Quotes Edit Edit


  • "Enchantress! The ogres and gnomes are fighting over the park again!"

Trivia Edit Edit

  • Gary likes to sleep among a bed of flowers[1].
  • Gary's birthday is sixty-seven days after Hazel's birthday[2].

Gallery Edit Edit

  1. ↑ In "Lucky Seven", when Hazel magically removed some flowers in search for the missing Seven she found Gary resting and hailing her.
  2. ↑ He says this in "A Charming Surprise Birthday".