Ogre Clock

The "ogre clock" announcing Hazel's mom's return in "A Charming Trio".

The ogre clock is a magical item which frequently appears in Little Charmers episodes. It consists in a purple wall clock with a white clock face portraing the talking head of an ogre. It is known for appearing when a character must complete a task in a given amount of time and to make somebody remember the errands they have to do. It is also capable of flying and always talks in rhymes.

Quotes EditEdit

  • "20 Minutes till the enchantress comes home."
  • "I'm kinda sad and my nose is disjointed your mom won't be mad but she'll be disappointed."
  • "Just in time count down to mom starts with (counts down)."
  • "Don't be late your cake won't wait."
  • "Recess is done back to class for more fun."
  • "Best day of the school yet but it's time for everyone to jet."
  • "1:00 gets those lessons learn before your mom returns."
  • "It may be dark but it's not night it's still 10:00 in the morning alright."
  • "When stirring's done I'll go tap tap tap but first I'll be taking a long long nap."
  • "Don't spoil your appetite on too many treats soon it will be time to eat."