Olive is a classmate of the Little Charmers, first appearing to cross paths with Hazel on her way to school for picture day in A Charming Outfit.

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Olive has tan skin and blue eyes. Her lips are light pink and she has medium-length brown hair pulled into a bun on top of her head, worn with a yellow headband and a floral accessory. She has a streak of lighter brown down the middle of her hair.

Her attire consists of a pale purple top with pale pink sleeves to match the petticoat of her pale blue skirt. She also wore a bracelet and a pair of pale yellow sandals.

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Not much is known about Olive. However, she seems to be popular and possibly influential, given that she is a member of cheer squad and is normally often seen on or using her phone.

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Hazel first came across Olive on her way to Class to avoid being late for Picture Day. Olive was curious over Hazel's outfit, and did not see the appeal behind it until Hazel was able to show her with some charismatic wording. Before she left Olive took a picture of the charming outfit using her phone.

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She is standing next to Parsley in the park observing the gnome-ogre argument Hazel is trying to mediate in her mother's body.

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She is the only member of the Charmville Cheer Squad referred to by name. Hazel is a big fan.

When the main trio practice, Olive witnesses this and calls them super-impressive for beginners and that they would be ready in no time if they kept practicing.

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  • A Charming Outfit

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