In times of crisis a Potion may be just the thing to help someone out of a sticky situation. They are made by combining ingredients inside of a big bubbly cauldron.

Known Potions Edit Edit

  • Clothing potion- A red red rose and a peacock feather.  
  • Taller potion - Higher and higher to the sky powder, Daddy's long spider legs, and giant's hair  
  • Short potion - Silver of toad stool, a knee high dandelion and an elf's hair  
  • Frog potion - Frog slime  
  • Wake up potion - Thimble full of tickle bubbles, Pinch of Peppermint and a loud owl hoot 
  • Shrink potion -  A polka dotted mushroom, a tiny ladybug squeal, and a pinch of butterfly shimmer
  • Butterfly potion - fluffy dandelion seed, a cup of summer breeze, a teeny tad of silk worm silk, a pinch of rainbow mist, and three empty caterpillar cacoons
  • Hair potion - unknown
  • De-age potion -  
  • Young potion - Oil of tadpole teeth and sprinkle of dust of baby's breath 
  • Stronger Potion - Volcano, spinach and some ogre sweat  
  • Speed Potion - Hummingbord feathers, a strand of a speedy rabbit's whisker, buzzing from a bumble bee, and an hourglass. 
  • Slow Potion - Turtle yawns, Snail goop, and a strain of sloth hair 
  • Protection potion - A pinch of baubling brook, a sprinkle of fluffy cloud, and three boings of a bouncy ball
  • Party potion- A enchanted party hat, a sprinkle of confetti, and a flash of disco ball
  •  Peace potion- one dollop of Fairy smile, gold flake from a friendship bracelet, and a note or two musical harmony
  •  Getting bff out of a locket potion - Big foot furball, slime from a smooching frog, tears of an ogre
  •  Bunny hairdo potion - A couple of berets and bunny slippers
  • Mermaid potion -
  • Fairy potion -

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