List of Spells Edit Edit

Season 1 Edit Edit

Prince Not So Charming Edit Edit

Flutterby butterfly flappity flint

Butterfly flutterby flippity fly amazed that with a big surprise

A Charming Outfit Edit Edit

While blending color with fabric thin it glow your beauty from your magic from within

Make this dress perfect for a picture day win time to squeeze out the magic from within

Wigglity weeds won't make me grin it's time to give them a great big trim

A Charming Trio Edit Edit

Come together friends of mine stuck like glue till the end of time

A life with six legs we don't choose be gone the stuck together blues

With both my friends gather around let's put this charm upside down

Dirty no more sparkly new yes hurry up and clean up this mess

Pile of nutes vile of tricks tidy Hazel out of this fix

Add a Little Parsley Edit Edit

Tock tick tick tick turn the clock back quick

Bippity flippity by make this blankie fly

Quick back clock the turn tick tock tick tock

Double Trouble Spell Edit Edit

Hidden somewhere in my room

A bippity whirl make an exact copy of this girl

Charming Pets Edit Edit

Witchity switchity flippity froo what's on me should be on you

Witchity switchity flippity-whoa

Witchity switchity flippity froo switcheroo

A Charming Do Over Edit Edit

Scractchy scractcy itchy itchy make this powder full of itchy twitchies

A Charming Fad Edit Edit

Flip flop flap send sown that magazine stack

Moony magic twinkly power make my dress a sparkle shower

Socks that dance and come alive help our Posie really dive

Lucky Seven Edit Edit

Come he come he little lost cat come home please come back

Moon Madness Edit Edit

Ribbons and bows and everything new let's give Lavender a new hair do

Though the moon is high and bright zippity zip stay awake tonight though and open my eyes will keep zippity zip I will not sleep

Though the moon is high and bright zip pity zip stay awake tonight though and open your eyes will keep zippity zip you will not sleep

Switcheroo Edit Edit

Make the enchantress young just like me from her head down to her toes with this potion lotion mask for her face neck and nose

Garden Pests Edit Edit

Pick it up from this space and put it in another place

Nature is going way too slow we need this bug to go go go

Freeze Dance Edit Edit

The Gingerbread Boy Edit Edit

Cookity lookity everything's clear gingerbread boy please disappear

Waggity wofity wiggly waps there's a boy who needs you gingersnaps

Charming Chatterbox Edit Edit

Here are some silly words to know while we sit back and enjoy the show

If you're a mess poof up the dress

While you take a unicorn joggin' wear a helmet on your noggin

It's no trouble blow some bubbles on the double

Cluck Stars Edit Edit

Cast a spell to help us win as rainbow sparkle we begin

Abraca-do Abraca-dor make us rock out even more

Fix our rhyme music and words make our trio sing like birds

Charmy Hearts Day Edit Edit

Charmy heart fly like a dart

And so on and so on music play on

Undo this quick I say i don't care if you play reverse-o reverse-o

The pieces are lost its all gone wrong show your selves fast with a happy song

The Chase is on i'm no bump on the long butterfly kisses round up that frog

Fashion No Show Edit Edit

For this super fashion show transform our looks from head to toe

Those big pointy ears are getting in the way make them invisible till the end of the day

Those big ears are getting in the way make them invisible till the end of the day

Locket or Lose It Edit Edit

Take a picture it last longer Lavender pocket with make magic stronger

C'mon potion let's see you rock it get our Lavender out of that locket

Uncharmed Life Edit Edit

Hocom Locom Zippity zom, Power Up my wand extra strong

Hocom Locom Zippity zom, Ingredients Combine and fix my wand

Pest Friends Forever Edit Edit

When mean and nasty are your only emotions, Just add a few drops of this harmony potion

Sparkle Bunny Edit Edit

French horn, candy corn, unicorn

Sparkle Bunny Day daffodils flutter with ease when three little charmers make a swooping breeze

Chocolate bunny drizzled with honey very funny

Caramel and chocolate tied with a locket

Sour and sweet with giant feet

Sour berry wings like a fairy

Toffee bar tiny car

This time I've dug myself a hole I really need to rock and roll. Tae all these eggs, each perfect one, and fill them up with magic fun, something different for everyone

Hairy Ways Edit Edit

Twisty twirly hullabaloo give my head a curly do

Calling All Cauldrons Edit Edit

Fiddleadoodle in you go play all the colours of the rainbow

Wish Upon a Jar Edit Edit

Little star it's time to fly to your home back in the sky

Upside Down Friends Edit Edit

The slient treatment is oh so rude so let's change up your attitude so the first one you will see will be your Besties one two three

Cake don't fall it'll ruin it all

Zip Zoom Broom Edit Edit

Zip zoom broom In parts of three, join together just for me

Zoomy broomy that's enough I'll stop in a magic puff

Cast a spell, as Lavender said, and cast that spell further ahead

Sheep Over Party Edit Edit

Counting helps us fall asleep, when we count imaginary sheep

Counting helps us fall asleep, when we count a herd of sheep.

Frankenflare Edit Edit

We are tired of being small come on potion make us-

We are tired of being small, Come on potion make us tall

Being big put Flare out of sort, Let's back up and make her shot

Charming Cheers Edit Edit

A Cheering champion that's my goal to leap and spin and jump and roll

Bean There, Done That Edit Edit

Sparkle, Sparkle, Little Bean, Sprout up Big and Strong. Grow into the Biggest Bean We've ever seen, Spread and Grow the whole day long

 Twist and Shout, turn you into a giant sprout. Huble bow, grow, grow, grow and...grow!  

Leaves and Stems, roots and ends, make our sweet pea into lots of friends.

Charmville Unchained Edit Edit

Enchanted pen to you I ask a letter to all Charmville is your task

And all of you pens should follow and lead spell fill letters in maximum speed

From Ogre valley to the charming lagoon please remove the magic from fill in the blank and do it soon

From Mount-Sparkle-More to the fairy rain return the magic to Charmville again

My Charmhouse is Your Charmhouse Edit Edit

Shrooma, Kazooma, Kabooma, Kahome. Grow a mushroom house for Nelson the Gnome.

Frog For a Day Edit Edit

Glittery fluttery sweet surprise turn us into butterflies

Glittery fluttery sweet surprise turn this frog into a butterfly

Charm Your Mom Day Edit Edit

For this coupon mom will think make a coupon that is blank

My Mom's coupon was all the buzz let's get her back to the way she was

Move this statue easy as pie magic carpet take to the sky

A Charming Campout Edit Edit

Charm scout compass we've been delay take us back to our camp in the glade

Spooky Pumpkin Moon Night Edit Edit

Lumpkin somkin three-times bigger pumpkin!  

Hocus-pocus pumpkin ferocious, stop your growing you're getting growious 

We bit of more than we could chew. stop this spell, I say you.

A Charming Wedding Edit Edit

Make these flowers bigger and bolder by making them a little older

A Snug Little Rug Edit Edit

The sunset is like a giant clock that says you must rejoin your flock. It's time for you to fly and go. And charm you  smaller, not bigger and slow.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Edit Edit

A Charmer I was born but now I need a horn 1 2 3 4 unicorn

Unicorn no more is Hazel we adore

This face is not charming make Hazel look darling

Slimey and green is not my seem

Circus Surprise Edit Edit

Razzly dazzy glitter and glow. Bring us the finale to our circus show.

Snuggled pickles make a silly ball that tickles.

Sing Song Pox Edit Edit

To keep the pox from causing trouble put Hazel in a safety bubble

A Tooth on the Loose Edit Edit

My wiggly tooth time has passed make my tooth grow fast fast fast

Dad's Hat Magic Edit Edit

Charming Ogres Edit Edit

Hurry Up Hazel Edit Edit

When hour glass sand in these hands of mine I wish you now just speed me up and save me time

The speeding up spell made Hazel too fast. Reverse that spell so it Doesn't last.

No Charm in the House Edit Edit

Charming Charm House we're on the way open up without delay

Charmhouse charmhouse a count to four stop this nonsense open the door 1 2 3 4

When the charm house is too pooped to play, sparkle sap takes the tired away

Charming Nightlights Edit Edit

Dim the lights outside tonight, time for fun without the sun.

Reverse-o reverse-o reverse-o lights up-o Reverse-o lights up-o

Twinkle twinkle little lights shining bright in darkest nights

Charming Babies Edit Edit

Babysitting is hard we know but it might be easier if up we grow

Unicorn Without a Horn Edit Edit

Make this baby that's just born a magically flashing unicorn.

Magic mix-up easy to fix, change this corn to a horn 

Third times a charm.

All Stirred Up Edit Edit

Boil in bubble, stirring's trouble. spin spin spin on the double

Like ice, freeze up nice.

A Charming Mistake Edit Edit

Make the gear I have to haul very very very small

A Charming Surprise Birthday Edit Edit

Birthday secrets tongues are tied give me a tiny peek inside

Inside out birthday's here make the wrapping disappear

Invisible but smelly like cheese bring it back so we can see it please

Swizzle drizzle flippity flop put that party back in the-

Wandering Wand Edit Edit

Shimmer and sparkle from a rainbow help to make the berries grow

My Wand's more powerful at first glance if so make Posie's shoes dance dance dance

Rainbow I spelled you too big maybe now become a rainbow baby

Giant Rainbow you've been here too long now i just wish that you were gone

Though I cause trouble

Baby Parsley take a bow cuz you're a big boy as of now

My rainbow may be kinda squarey

Good Knight, Good Day Edit Edit

Five times the hair so much that people stare

With body and shine make it look fine one two fancy updo

Make things right before we was a knight reverse-o

Wand fantastic stretch like elastic

Band on the Run Edit Edit

Praticing is such an awful worry tune up these instruments in a big big hurry

Picture Perfect Posie Edit Edit

Forget Me Not Edit Edit

Lavender needs our help so she won't forget clear off her memory so she'd be all set

Nelson In Charge Edit Edit

That book is wrecking one by one ignored it Nelson and be more fun

We tried to charm it failed we fear make fun in Nelson disappear

Glass Slipper Edit Edit

Hazel, You Shrunk the Charmers Edit Edit

Being small was kinda fun sad to say it's good and done reverse-o

Not that I only get to choose but the stuff to grow is more than shoes super reverse-o

Santa Sparkle Edit Edit

Make like an Elvie and take me a selfie

Hazel-Nuts Edit Edit

Charming Cookies Edit Edit

A Charming Story Edit Edit

Magic Mishap Edit Edit

Bigger, Better, Broomier! Edit Edit

Night Owls Edit Edit

A Charmazing Race Edit Edit

Dragon Daycare Edit Edit

A Charmazing Mermaid Tale Edit Edit

Sparkleberry Pies Edit Edit

Wishing Fish Edit Edit

Posie's Pesky Potion Edit Edit

Sparkle Storm Adventure Edit Edit

The storm is coming it won't take long bring fairies here to play mom's song.

With this song in it's beautiful tune send the storm back and send it soon.

Season 2 Edit Edit

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