S01E18 Willow

Willow is a recurring character of Little Charmers who first appeared in "Bean There, Done That". She is a little girl friend of the three Charmers; she is frequently seen at the Charm School and when an expert hand in origami or bricolage is needed.



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  • Bean There, Done That
  • Charmville Unchained
  • A Charming Story
  • Wishing Fish
  • The Return of Ruby Sparkle
  • Paper Puppets Away
  • Frozen Greensicles
  • Castle in the Clouds

Quotes EditEdit

Charmville Unchained:

"Hey charmers did you get my charm charm chain letters."

"Oh can't stop now I'm gonna get these letters home and I'll see you at the park in a pixie minute.Maybe a few pixie minutes."

"Hey charmers want to start our paper party play date look origami."

"Did you bring the rest of the paper Hazel."

"How many charm chain letters did you send out."


"Fill in the blank."

"I'm already on it; Look: an origami snowflake."

"And I have a great idea how we can use all this paper to make one giant craft but it's gonna take all of us."

"A paper butterfly now let's make it fly."

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Sparkleberry Pies and Wishing Fish